Wedding Band Surrey

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring A Wedding Band in Surrey and Hampshire

How Much Do You Cost?

Our prices for our standard wedding and party packages are based on the band playing 3 x 45 minute sets of live music from across an evening and starts from around £1250.

However this can only be an estimate as every event is unique and so our pricing will vary dependent on your date, location, event’s requirements and timings.

Providing us with as much information as possible when you book will enable us to give you an accurate quote.

How Do We Book The Band?

Once we have agreed with you your event details and the cost of hiring the band, we will then send you out a booking contract via email.

Once this and the agreed booking deposit which can be paid by bank transfer or cheque have been received, we will acknowledge receipt and confirm the booking via email.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfer or cheque for the deposit. The balance can be settled either in cash or via bank transfer 7 days before the event.

What is included in the quoted price?

The quoted price is based on a 6pm arrival at your venue and a 12 midnight finish time.

There’s an option of 2 x 60 minute sets or 3 x 45 minute sets spread across the evening, providing over 2 hours of live music.

We include travel to your venue (if your venue is within 2 hours travel), all PA and lighting equipment needed, background music playback through our sound system to cover all breaks and the learning of a special request or first dance song if required.

Please let us know if you require different timings, extra sets or special requests when booking and you will be quoted a price based on your specific needs.

Please note we are not VAT registered and so our prices are fully inclusive.

How Far Do You Travel?

We are more than happy to travel anywhere for your event. However, please bear in mind that venues situated over 2 hours travel from Surrey will incur additional costs for travel and accomodation as needed.

What happens if a member has to cancel?

In the event of any band member being unable to perform due to illness or other unforeseen circumstance, we have a number of professional understudies to call upon. This will in no way interfere with the quality of the performance.

How many songs will you play?

The band usually play between 30 and 40 songs over the course of an evening.

What happens in between the band's sets?

During the band’s breaks when we aren’t playing, we will put on appropriate party music playlists through our PA system to keep the atmosphere going. Alternatively we’re happy for to provide us with an iPod or laptop with a playlist of your choice which we can then put on through our sound system. If you choose to do this please disable the devices lock or pass code features and make sure it is charge up or provide a charger.

How long do you take to set up ?

It is best to allow around 60 mins for the band to set up and sound check. This assumes there is easy access to the performance area for equipment set up.

Please note that if your wedding breakfast or dinner overruns and the band are delayed from gaining access, then they will still take the same amount of time to complete their set up and carry out sound checks. 

We understand that events often overrun and this is not a problem. The band will simply adjust their between sets break times to ensure you still receive the full amount of live music. 

Can We See The band Live?

This can be difficult as most of the events we play are private functions. However we play a limited number of public showcase events every year, so please let us know if you are interested in attending.

Do you supply lighting?

Yes we bring as standard some uplighters for the band on stage and 2 moving head lights that spin. We also provide a T-bar with 4 Chauvet 4 Spots and 4 Chauvet Pars. This gives you an excellent but compact lighting set up. We can supply extra lighting if needed please ask for a quote.

Do You Have PAT tested Equipment?

Yes all our equipment is regularly inspected and we hold a PAT test certificate and record which your venue may wish to see. We are happy to provide a copy on request.

Do You have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes we have public liability insurance of up to £10 million. We use a specialist company called Amp Band who deal with insurance for musicans and DJs. We can easily provide a certificate copy if your venue needs it.

Is there a choice of what you will play?

We have a set list consisting of songs which we know work well together gathered from our years of experience. This is constantly monitored and updated as we react to how material is going down with our audiences. We have these arranged in a special order which we know works well at both keeping the dance floor busy at the same time as building up the crowd as the evening goes on. Getting this right is crucial to keeping a great atmosphere and the best result on the night.

We also have an extended repertoire list of all the songs we know. You are welcome to let us know  any songs from the extended repertoire list that you like or if there’s any from the set you are not so keen on. This way we can work with you to make a personalised set list that will work well for you, the band and your guests. In terms of songs not on the repertoire, we will be happy to learn one request such as a first dance for you at no extra charge, providing it works with the instrumental make up of the band.

Do we need us to provide anything?

Unless otherwise agreed with us in advance we ask that soft drinks for the night and one hot meal or hot buffet be provided for each band  member during the event.

If this is going to be logistically difficult please let us know in advance and we can look for another solution. Please note the band doesn’t require anything complicated just some proper nourishment .

Can we use a Microphone for Speeches?

You may use one of our wired microphones with our permission for announcements or speeches during the evening.

If you wish to use a wireless microphone for during your wedding breakfast or dinner you will require the band to have set up beforehand. We will provide a wireless microphone with this service.

What will you wear?

We will be smart casual normally wearing black or white shirts, dark trousers or dark coloured smart jeans. If you require a specific dress code please enquire and these can be hired in at extra cost for your event.

How much space will you need?

Based on the 4 piece band , we will need a space of roughly 15 ft across by 12 ft deep. Please let us know what space you have available as we can often bring different equipment if space is at a premium.

How loud will you be?

In terms of volume, you can expect us to be loud enough to dance to but quiet enough that your guests away from the dance floor can hold a conversation comfortably. It does depend a little on venue acoustics as we may sound slightly different in different spaces. At the end of the day we are there to give you and your guests a great night of music but we are not at Wembley Stadium and will be happy to adjust volume levels to suit your preference.

Our venue has a sound limiter

The band is very used to dealing with these in many venues. They are less than ideal for any live music but we can work with them, and in liaison with the venue staff can still provide a great night’s entertainment.

A sound limiter set above 90db is perfectly manageable any lower than this and it is worth double checking as sound limiters usually work by cutting off the power to our equipment which can cause damage.

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